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New Hampshire

Ann W. Firestone
23 Saw Mill Rd.
Acworth, NH 03607

phone: 603-835-2971
email: awfirestone@gmail.com
website: www.saveyourassrescue.org
interest: donkeys and mules:
I clicker train my donkeys, two standard, two mammoth, one mini  and my mule. I am interested in them having good manners.  I ride one of my mammoths and my mule and hope to train the mammoths to drive. I spend most of my time now working at the rescue (where we use clicker training).
available for: phone/internet help
updated 1/2015

New Mexico

Patricia Barlow-Irick
Largo Canyon School
Counselor, NM 87018
phone: 505-568-9131
email: mustangcamp@gmail.org
interest: rehabilitation, donkeys, mules, and horses
updated 1/2015

New York

Dolores Arste (Mar - November)
Zen Clicker Horsemanship
6326 Barkersville Rd
Middle Grove
NY 12850

Phone 518-882-6485
email: dolores.arste@gmail.com
Web site: www.zenhorsemanship.com
yahoo group:
Interests (discipline or other specialty (breed, age etc..))
Interest (discipline or other specialty (breed, age etc..)) Morgans, Competitive Trail Riding,Dressage, Barefoot Trimming, Shoeing using the barefoot model, Combining the skills taught by others such as Mark Russell, John Lyons, Clinton Anderson, Susan Harris, and Mark Rashid with clicker training. 
Available for: demos, private instruction, training, phone/internet help, clinics
please note that from December - February, Dolores is in Arkansas. See Arkansas for her listing
info updated: 1/2015

Alexandra Kurland
Delmar, NY
website:  www.theclickercenter.com
Alex is the author of several books and numerous DVDs on clicker training for horses. She teaches clinics and runs an on-line course (see the education page for more on her course).
updated 1/2015


Katie Bartlett
310 Piersol Rd
Elverson, Pa. 19520
email: kabart315@gmail.com
website:  this one....
facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equine-Clicker-Training-Katie-Bartlett/191117310919760
Interests: dressage, trail riding, Masterson method bodywork. 
Available for: visits, phone/internet help, demos, clinics, lessons
IDTC endorsed by Kay Laurence
TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course
updated 1/2015

Laurie Higgins
Acoma Lane
Collegeville Pa.
email:  lauriehiggins@att.net
available for:
In-home, in-barn, and online lessons, video coaching, group and private lessons.  Species:  horses preferred but will work with dogs and cats.
website:  works with Peggy Hogan of The Best Whisper is a Click (www.thebestwhisperisaclick.com) and her online, Facebook group Clicker Training Horses.  Together we run small group online short courses from one to four weeks on specific topics.  I also run a Facebook page called Observational Skills for Training Horses to help us all hone our observational skills for working with and training horses.
updated 1/2015


Kimberley Freeman
Austin, Texas
email: freelancefreeman@gmail.com
website:  www.LostCatFinder.com

Ten years in clicker training instruction for practical aspects of horse care, riding, tricks and fun. Available in person
and for phone, video and internet help. 

updated 1/2015

Mary Kay Hasseman
Tomball, Tx (near Houston)
website: Www.marykaydressage.com
Clicker training and dressage lessons, occasional clinics and therapy animal lessons.
About me:  Graduate of Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior, Dressage instructor and competitor for over 30 years, USDF Bronze Medalist, Therapy animal trainer and handler for miniature horse
updated 3/2016

Lore Haug, DVM
Richmond, Texas
Email: LiHaug@aol.com
website: www.texasvetbehavior.com
Currently working a Polish Arabian in dressage and jumping.  Also do trail riding.
available for private instruction and seminars
updated 1/2015

Mary Hunter
Denton, Texas (near Dallas -Ft. Worth)
email: mary@stalecheerios.com
Business website: http://www.texasanimaltraining.com, www.dogtrainingology.com
Training blog: 

Brief bio: Mary is a professional animal trainer with a master's in behavior analysis from the University of North Texas. She is available to work locally with horses, dogs, and other critters. She also travels several times a year to give workshops about animal training and behavior analysis. 
updated 1/2015

Kim Wende
Merkel, TX
email: kim@passionatehorsemanship.com
website: https://passionatehorsemanship.com

phone: 325-261-3360
Trail Obstacle for fun or competition (In-hand, Ridden Obstacles, Horse Agility, Liberty, Breed Show Trail Classes) for miniature horses, miniature donkeys, and horses.
Services offered: 1:1 coaching in person, Virtual video coaching, group lessons in person, Clinics, online courses, at times I may have clicker trained horses for sale.
joined 7/2019


Jane Jackson
Sheffield, Vt.
email: bookendsfarm@gmail.com
interest: eventing, dressage, horse management, Pony Club, sport horses and ponies
web site: www.bookendsfarm.com
available for: visits, demos, gives clinics, training (prefers to work with owners to  help them train their own horse), private instruction, clinics, phone and internet help.  Jane is also a KPA (Karen Pryor Academy Grad) and can help with dog training too.
TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course
updated 1/2015

Gene & Kinna Ohman-Leone
Goshen, Vermont
email:  office@wildappleschool.com
website:  www.wildappleschool.com
Interests:  Ground Handling, Saddle Training, Assistance with Reactive & Fearful Horses, Trail, All Breeds, Barefoot Hoofcare
Services:  Private Instruction (on site and travel), Demonstrations, Hosting Clinics (in 2015, we are hosting Pete Ramey's Natural Hoofcare as well as The Masterson Method Equine Bodywork), Clicker Camp Clinics, Clicker Trained Horses for Sale, Phone and Internet Help 
joined 5/2015




Washington State

Amy Blossom
Finch Meadow Farm 
Monroe, WA
email: amy.l.blossom@gmail.com
phone: 360-348-2925  
Interests: Carriage driving, combined driving (dressage, obstacle/marathon, and cones/precision), John Lyons training method, foal training, miniature horses
Available for: demonstrations, phone and email consultations. Facility includes all weather covered arena. Clicker training clinic host.
info updated: 1/2015

Robin Foster, PhD, CAAB, IAABC Certified Horse Behavior Consultant
King Co (Seattle), Washington
email: rfoster@pugetsound.edu or adaptiveanimals@gmail.com
web site: http://www.adaptiveanimalsequine.com
interests: Educational clinics/workshops on learning, behavior, and communication in horses. Research.  Special interest in welfare and stress in therapy and sport horses.  Thoroughbred owner/breeder, with a special interest in retraining OTTB horses.
Services: private consultations for tough behavior issues, clinics (demos and with horses), and educational workshops.  Limited remote consultations.
joined 5/2016

Sola Wolff
Seattle, Wa
phone: 206-939-8232
email: solawolfstrom@gmail.com
interests: I love working with mules, donkeys, zorses, and horses of all breeds. I am a clicker training instructor, specializing in safely teaching equine training theory, practice, and art.
available for: demos, give clinics, training, private instruction, phone/internet help
Web site: www.EquineRevelation.com
updated 1/2015


Jen Digate, CPDT
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
email: jen@wildcanine.com
web site: www.wildcanine.com, www.spellboundhorses.com
available for: lessons, hosts clinics with Alexandra Kurland

TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course

updated 1/2015




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