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Carola Schlanhof
Obersulz 11

A-2224 Obersulz


phone: 0043 676 3305965

interest: behavior, trick training

web site: www.clickerpferde.at

available for: demos, clinics, private instruction

updated 1/2015




Inge Teblick
Oude Liersebaan 389
2570 Duffel
phone (0032) (0) 473 9 456 13
email: info@ingeteblick.be or inge.teblick@gmail.com
Interests: NH groundwork, classical dressage, circensic dressage, animal intelligence
web site: www.ingeteblick.be

Available for: visits, demos, host clinics, give clinics, training. private instruction



Doris Boyer
le Chalet
72 290 Ballon
0033 2 43 27 34 55
email: doris.boyer@orange.fr
interest: everything in relation with animals, children, education, HORSES
specific: lessons
updated 1/2015



Michaela Hempen
88214 Ravensburg, Germany
email: michaelahempen@gmail.com
website:  http://www.clickertrainingpferde.com/
available for: lessons, clinics, video coaching
TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course
note: she also works in Italy.
updated 1/2015






Mary Concannon

Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland.
Phone 353-87-1370162
e-mail: concmary@gmail.com
website: www.irishclickercentre.com

available for lessons, clinics
TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course

updated 1/2015


Miriam Barattoni
Piovene Rocchette, Vicenza, Italy
email: mirba@hotmail.com (please specify clicker training in the subject)
ICQ: 113787991
Website: http://www.equiclicker.it, italian forum www.equiclicker.forumup.it
Interest:  I'm in the constant research of the better way to train and create a relationship with horses. And how to better preserve their physical condition without getting in the "do it or" area. I work mostly with a mix of Philippe Karl's method and clicker training, plus tag-teach for riders.

Available for: visits, demos, gives clinics, training, private instruction.
TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course
updated 5/2011


Michaela Hempen
43123 Parma, Italy
email: michaelahempen@gmail.com
website:  http://www.clickertrainingpferde.com/
available for: lessons, clinics, video coaching
TCTT coach for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course
note: she also works in Germany.
updated 1/2015



Conrad van Pruijssen
Annie M.G. Schmidtstraat 27 
3544 HG Utrecht 
The Netherlands
Email address 
Phone +31(0)615042410 
Web site: www.ClickerCoachConrad.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClickerCoachConrad 
Interest (discipline or other specialty (breed, age etc..)): Clicker Training, Equine Behaviour, classical dressage, NH groundwork.
Available for: visits, demos, hosts clinics, gives clinics, training, online training program to learn clicker training (see the on-line course section in the educational page for more on this),  private instruction and phone/internet help
updated 1/2015


Caroline Fransson
Stora Kilsjon
740 10 Almunge, Sweden
hone: +46 - (0)174 20710

email: carolina@ohr.se

web site: www.carolinafransson.se

Interests: I am a “behavior science geek” with a special interest in anthrozoology (interaction between animal and human).  Grown up with horses as my biggest passion and I love to combine clicker training with classical dressage and work with horses in liberty.

Available for: visits, demos, private instruction, give and host clinics



Maxine Easey
northwest Leicestershire, UK
website:  https://www.facebook.com/HorseCharming?fref=ts (facebook) and http://horse-charming.com/ (blog)
email: max@horse-charming.com
available for lessons, clinics, she also teaches a short course on how animals learn.
updated 1/2015

Suzanne Rogers (nee Berry)

14 Alexandra Rd.

Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2PE, UK

phone: 07961 996628

interests: clicker training and equine behaviorist. contact me for a scientific, yet compassionate approach to solving problems or just for improving the relationship between you and your horse.

email: equinebehaviorist@hotmail.co.uk

web site: www.learningaboutanimals.co.uk
updated 1/2015


Eileen Thomas
Splash Farm
Lea Bridge
Near Matlock
Derbyshire UK
interests: clicker trainer for over 10 years (currently taking Alexandra Kurland's on-line course),  also using CAT with our young Andalusian stallion who suffers with PTSD.  B.H.S.A.I., experience dressage and long distance riding.  Reiki Master/equine healing.
available for:  demos, hosting clinics, courses/daily/residential private instruction, phone and internet help.  New full size indoor arena, later in year accommodation for horse and rider.
updated 1/2015




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