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Michelle Atterby
Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada
email: michelle@spiritgate.ca
website; www.spiritgate.ca
Interests ~ I am passionate about Iberian horses and have two Andalusians as well as a herd of varied breeds. I am a certified Equine Facilitated Learning coach and teach ‘Insight Horsemanship’  bridging  the Science of animal behaviour, positive reinforcement training and the practice of Mindfulness. I will be a certified Centred Riding Instructor this summer of 2016! I am a Mastery student of Marijke de Jong’s straightness training. I’ve always used positive reinforcement training in my twenty years of being a student of horses, but I’m passionate about clicker training horses and supporting people to resolve behaviour issues and those looking for a kinder more ethical way to work with their horses.I am also a Mindfulness teacher, certified in body mind healing and somatic practice. I offer private and group lessons, as well as EFL workshops and weekend retreats.  
added 1/2016

Madeleine Balcer
32 de Boheme
Candiac, Quebec Canada
J5R 3N1
phone: (450) 444-7811
email: madelaine.balcer@videotron.ca
interests: I have always been interested in dressage but never found a trainer who shares my philosophy around horses. I have been involved in Natural Horsemanship for 5 years because I had a difficult and dominant mare. I did not like the normal way. We did great progress in our relationship but I find that it is not perfect. I am tired of phases, why should I hit my horse just because I want him to do something and he does not understand yet!!! So here I am clicking. I also found my dressage trainer Alexandra Kurland (but she does not know it yet). I have a QH mare and an Andalusian mare.
updated 1/2015

Janet Grant
Granger, Mono Township, Ontario
email:  clickertraining@icloud.com
website: http://www.myhorse.ca
interests:  Paso Fino horses, agility and trail
available for:
I am interested in teaching students to train their own horses with clicker training, through private instruction or clinics. I will also train horses, but reserve the right to be selective in clients and their horses
updated 1/2015

Monty Gwynne
cochrane alberta canada, t4c 1a1
email:  mgwynne@xplornet.com

website: www.theponyfairy.com
blog: she writes for horse-canada magazine: http://www.horse-canada.com/the-pony-fairy/the-end-to-a-great-year/
phone:  403-932-4989
interests/available for:  Have been clicker training for over 13 years with the help of Alexandra Kurland and am now instructing with her blessing and encouragement.  I am available to do beginner/intro clinics at your place or mine..don't need a huge number of folks.  Also provide lessons, phone and video coaching.  This summer (2015) I am offering 6 day intensive courses.  I would love to hear from more clicker minded folks love the classical Nuno look dressage.
TCTT coach (for Alexandra Kurland's on-line course)
updated 1/2015

Stephanie Kwok
Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Website: www.UnconventionalEquestrian.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheUnconventionalEquestrian

interests/available for: Distance riding is my passion and my Arabian, Merlyn, is my partner for all our adventures on the mountain trails as well as for my favourite pursuits in the arena -- jumping and horse soccer.

I teach others how to apply reward-based training to all interactions with horses through private instruction and group workshops. I offer lessons in foundation concepts for those horses/handlers who are new to clicker training as well as instruction for advanced applications under saddle in a variety of environments, from arenas to forest trails.
updated 1/2015

Sandra Poppema
Burnaby, BC Canada
email address: hippologic@gmail.com
web site (if you have one): www.hippologic.nl, www.clickertraining.ca
interests (breed, discipline, etc...) Interest are: Iberian/baroque horses, clicker training, classical dressage and the riders seat.
I am an experienced clicker trainer, certified Centered Riding and dressage instructor. I love to train horses from the ground and help others with their horses. My horse is a crossbreed Exmoor pony x Andalusian and was born in 2008 a nature reserve. I clicker trained her from day 1 (she was 11 months old at the time) and I used the clicker in 'taming' her, groundwork, trick training and now with starting her under the saddle. I would love to meet other clicker trainers/instructors! Feel free to contact me.
updated 1/2015

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