Equine Clicker Training  

About the Site


In the last 10 years, clicker training for horses has started to spread through the horse community.  Many owners started to clicker train their horses after finding success with their dogs or with exotics. Others were just intrigued by the idea of teaching horses in a different way. As part of a support network for this rising interest in clicker training horses, I have put together this web site as a way for clicker trainers to share their stories, their horse’s stories, training tips, and resources. 


At this time, one focus of this web site is to collect names of clicker trainers everywhere.  A clicker trainer is anyone who is clicker training their horse. You don’t have to be a professional or someone with a lot of experience. I would encourage everyone who is clicker training to be listed here. This will provide a way for clicker trainers to find each other, whether you are looking for someone to help you, or just someone with whom to share your clicker training experiences, training ideas, and progress.  Even if you can’t find someone locally, you might find someone who is willing to provide internet or phone help, or even to just be an email friend. I think that having a support network is really important, especially for those of us who are isolated from other clicker trainers, or working alongside horse owners with more traditional methods.


In addition to being listed here, clicker trainers can contribute to this site by sending photos, stories, book recommendations, training tips, web sites, and information on anything they have found useful.  I would like to keep the calendar up to date with appearances of clicker trained horses, clinics, demos, etc..  My goal is to help people find clicker training resources and spread the word of clicker training. I would like this site to be a place to come to for ideas, inspiration, and support.


If you are interested in learning more about clicker training, a good place to start is Alexandra Kurland’s website theClickerCenter. Alexandra Kurland is the author of “Clicker Training for your Horse” and has a very informative website as well as books and videos available.  You should also check the Links section. There are a lot of good web sites that go into the technical details and history of clicker training.