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Katherine (Katie) Bartlett


I started clicker training in the winter of 2000-2001 after buying Alexandra Kurland's first book, Clicker Training for Your Horse.  I read the book and thought it sounded interesting and started playing with clicker training my horses.  Since then I have been hooked.  Prior to this I had spent 20+ years riding and training my own and a few other horses. I am primarily a dressage rider, although I like to jump a little (I evented when I was younger and braver) and my horses all hack out. I had always been interested in animal behavior and having a good relationship with my horses.  Clicker training combined all my interests together. No wonder I enjoy it so much.


I attended my first clinic with Alexandra Kurland in 2001 and have been a regular attendee at the Groton clinics since then. I originally took my gelding Willy, but now I take my mare, Rosie.  Clicker clinics are wonderful experiences for both horses and handlers.  Rosie learned about traveling and working in a new barn in a low key and positive environment and she is now quite settled working there. 


Since attending my first clinic, I have been  working through Alex's exercises and learning about single rein riding and how to apply clicker training to horses. Now I continue to focus on that, but I have also been working on integrating Alex's exercises and clicker training into more traditional dressage exercises and training. I have also been exploring starting young horses with clicker training and how to use clicker training to create a safe, confident, and happy riding partner for trail riding and other fun activities. I am trying to continue my clicker education by learning more about clicking dogs and other animals and attending Clicker Expo each year.


These days my clicker projects include Willy and Rosie (my original clicker stars), Finale the Shire, Red the Quarter Horse,  Stella the rescue pony, 3 dogs, various cats and a guinea pig.  I have even been known to try it out on my kids (there are 5 of them) and my husband.  I have recently started doing some local teaching in addition to internet coaching and hope to do some demonstrations and presentations in the coming year.


If you want to know more about my own personal story (how I found clicker training and why I got hooked), you might be interested in the following articles:


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Thank you, Mr. Rogers


I hope you will enjoy clicker training as much as I do. Good luck and have fun,

Katie Bartlett (kabart315@gmail.com)
Elverson, Pa.